Movers Company

Atlanta Movers found on Yelp, and Angie’s List shows positive reviews and is trusted for many years, Mark the Mover is a safe and smart choice of Atlanta Movers for moving companies that do local moving, long distance plus packing and sell packing materials, a relocation specialist that offers excellent customer service without the hype and fales promises. Some industry watchdogs believe up to one third of moving customers get taken in by a moving broker or lead aggregator, or directly by an unscrupulous moving company, that information was found at – by calling Mark the Mover you are dealing with a company that will not make false promises or get caught over a barrel, we offer a fair price. We lose some customers because they thought they were getting a better deal from someone that promised a lower price up front, we won’t play that game, our reputation is our best selling point. Customers around Atlanta help us with almost half our moving projects as either referrals or repeat customers.