Muscogee Language

Mvskoke or the Muscogee language is a descendant of the languages of the Mississippian cultures spoken by Creek and Seminole peoples in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida regions. The Coosa Chiefdom was a short dynasty of river basin settlement along the Coosawatee river and include the Etowah mounds north and west of Acworth Georgia.

The capital of Coosa is known as “Little Egypt” and has been the site of archaeological exploration yielding three major eras of culture ranging from 1300 to 1600 AD. The Coosa settlements featured a large plaza and three platform mounds. Researchers have identified similarities in pottery to the Mississippian Cultures of 1000 years earlier.

Hernando de Soto crossed paths with the Coosa chiefdom in 1540, recording erroneously that the peoples were Cherokee in origin. It is thought the De Soto may have brought Old World diseases to the Coosa Kingdom wiping out a population of up to 5000 in the main Little Egypt villages, but also affecting a population of up to 50,000 Creek peoples in the greater Coosa Chiefdom sphere of influence.

More confusion that once led scholars to identify the Etowah Mounds culture as Cherokee was the influx of Cherokee peoples in the mid 18th century. But they settled in the area after the demise of the original builders of the settlements we now study in the Coosa Chiefdom.