The Outernet

A company has announced plans to place several low orbit satellites in space to deliver a low speed wifi based internet for free aimed at people who have no internet access. Proponents describe the service as a broadcast type service. Consumers would receive the content that is being broadcast, such as news, weather and sports scores.

Since a web browser displays information that was requested by the browser, the Outernet wifi probably needs its own custom application other than the traditional browser on computer or cell phone. This simple application would tune into the Outernet network information and display and archive the data being broadcast from the satellite. A cell phone or tablet application could easily scroll through the last eight or 24 hours of broadcast information and a personal computer with its spacious hard drive could store all the data broadcast virtually forever.

Since most computers and tablets can only tune into one wifi signal at a time, your device would have to be dedicated to the Outernet for wifi networking in order to continually archive the Outernet stream of news. But we could forsee users being away from wifi at a sporting event such as yacht racing in the ocean, and using the outernet temporarily on their device. The application for Outernet will probably be easy to install and light on resources.