Freight and crating Atlanta Ga

Household goods crating, storing and transport is used for oil paintings, chandeliers, marble table tops, antiques and items of value where the moving customers wants to assure safe transport. Insurance regulations on valuable artwork and household goods may often require sufficient precautions are taking prior to shipping of household goods.

Mark the Mover in Atlanta at 1504 Carroll Blvd ships and receives LTL (Less than a truckload) crated items up to 5,000 lbs. Imported furnishings, artwork, machine tools, household goods, trade show items and even drones have all been shipped and received from the docks at Mark the Mover. For crating services, household moving customers can drop off items for crating, or crating prep can be done before arriving at a jobsite for household goods crating prior to freight carriage or household goods storage and relocation.

For household goods crating in Atlanta, contact Mark the Mover.