Atlanta Movers

If you choose full service storage with Mark the Mover, we will be glad to accommodate your needs.

At Mark the Mover we provide full service moving and storage. Atlanta customers have for more than 30 years relied on Mark the Mover to do a quality job of relocating their household.  Actually, 20 years ago, Mark the Mover started to grow into the type of company we are today.  Mark the Mover started as Mark and a couple of friends with a pickup truck, but now we are an Atlanta small business with all the licenses, insurance and federal registrations of the biggest moving company.  Some time around 20 years ago we started to offer full service storage to our Atlanta moving customers.  Like the big vanlines, full service storage includes vaulted and inventoried climate controlled warehouse storage.

Since Mark the Mover began offering storage the number of self storage centers has exploded nationwide.  The commercial franchised self storage market has grown a lot in the last 20 years.  But this is not the kind of storage we offer.  Still, if you need storage, full service storage at Mark the Mover is a different end of the spectrum than self storage.  If you use self storage you will pay less per square foot than what we offer.  For many people, this is a smart decision, but there are a couple of drawbacks to self storage;

  • Will you need to store large items, which will require a truck rental?
  • Are you storing items for a relatively short term?
  • Will you need to pad and shrink wrap certain valuable pieces?

Mark the Mover uses a special storage pad for furniture pieces that protect finishes and insulate the piece from dust and humidity during storage.  Mark the Mover can bring your furniture or household goods when you call, saving you the hassle of renting a truck and finding some helpers to go to your storage locker.

However, if you are looking for a good price and expect to use self storage for more than a year, this could be a smart and economical decision.  If you decide on self storage, Mark the Mover has helped many customers move their household goods into and out of self storage units.

So whether you think you need self storage or full service storage, Mark the Mover will be glad to help with your relocation needs.  If you choose self storage, Champion Self Storage has a facility near ours complete with a convenient loading dock and various storage options.