Atlanta Movers

If we are facing a household relocation, one of the chores before us is choosing Atlanta moving companies. Residents of Virginia Highland and families moving from anywhere to Vahi, Decatur Ga Moving Company, Morningside, Ormewood Park and Inman Park all face the task of hiring a moving company that matches the needs of relocating your household. First, for the sophisticated googler, we will often search for an Atlanta moving company. We use search terms like Atlanta movers and Atlanta moving companies. When we look closely at the results we also get to see how many reviews different companies have.

A company with very few reviews may just be a small moving company. They may also be a company that does not have many complaints. Lastly they may be a company that does not move people familiar with the internet very much. Small moving companies that primarily advertise in the yellow page or with signs on telephone poles may not move very many people, and they may never move people with a yelp account to screen movers, plumbers, restaurants, etc. While ,I prefer using yelp or kudzu over hiring a mover off a sign on a telephone pole, there is a good thing to do in addition to this to pick a mover.

Ask your friends and neighbors. In Atlanta you will find a lot of people have moved with Mark the Mover in the last 35 years. Probably more people that any other moving company, although we are definitely not the biggest moving company in Atlanta or in Georgia. Also ask co-workers, family and relatives. Names other than Mark the Mover are sure to come up. Once you have the names of some popular movers, rest assured that there is a reason these moving companies have become popular.

Finally, use a moving company that fits your situation. If you have an established household with valuable furnishings, don’t be afraid to hire a moving company that might not be the cheapest. However if you are starting out in life and your furniture is from IKEA and the Bean Bag store, you might not have much to worry about in terms of losses with in-experienced moving crews or a company that won’t settle a claim. Lastly, whether going with a premium company or the guys that look like they came from the hardware store parking lot, looking for a day job, have a plan to move valuables, pets, fish and plants. There are many items that moving companies just cannot legally move or the risk is not wise. Your engagement ring of course will move on your finger, but for a complete moving checklist visit our web-site.