Atlanta movers

Consumers engaged in a household relocation around Atlanta Georgia often call Mark the Mover where our motto is ‘We specialize in everything’ to find a dependable moving company that does not let it’s customers down. Moving and packing is a big chore and we don’t need the extra hassle of hiring a moving company that can’t show up on time or comes equipped with a truck too small. In Georgia, moving companies are regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission where state regulators worked with all the reputable movers in Georgia to form a common sense set of rules that create an even playing field and offer consumers a fair and competitive set of rules for household moving companies.

A feature of the regulations in the state of Georgia is the widespread use of hourly rates to describe the costs involved in household relocation. However, rates can be used by moving companies without regard to additional factors such as the size of the truck. At Mark the Mover, we use local delivery trucks customized to be moving vans, ranging in size from 22 feet to 30 feet long. This is in contrast with other moving companies that have fleets of smaller trucks. As a matter of fact, in a survey of the three largest Georgia moving companies in Atlanta, they all used the larger class of trucks while less established firms tended to use smaller trucks.