Moving Companies Kennesaw, Georgia

A capable mover for residents of Kennesaw Ga is Mark the Mover, down I-75 coming from Atlanta Georgia. Mark the Mover has grown to become the third largest Georgia Based local moving company for Atlanta Ga, and has done 33 years of moving in and around Atlanta. Mark the Mover serves Atlanta and Sandy Springs and every other suburb of Atlanta as well as Kennesaw, Woodstock Ga and Marietta Georgia. Mark the Mover is a full service moving company performing moving and storage, movers and packers, local and long distance for relocation customers in and around Atlanta Georgia as well as all over the south eastern US, we are licensed to operate in 48 states.

Mark the Mover also operates 20,000 square feet of storage in a full service moving warehouse in Atlanta, including climate controlled storage. Heated, cooled and humidity controlled storage is located less than 500 feet from the nearest Atlanta Fire Station. Our full service moving storage is different than self storage locations where access is allowed whether the location is attended or not, our storage is available only by appointment and is surveilled by 24 hour video recording. Large furniture items are shrink wrapped, padded and stored on warehouse shelving while household goods that can be vaulted are stored in our double stacked warehouse vaults.

Mark the Mover is open 7 days a week, but we are very busy, so call ahead at least one week to make a moving appointment. We are busiest on week ends and at the end of the month. Call Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018 as we are in business to serveĀ Kennesaw Movers