Moving Companies near Duluth Ga

Looking for a moving company on the internet leaves the consumer bombarded with advertising at the top and right side of their computer screen, but there is a difference that puts these ads pretty much into two categories. One category is real moving companies, and the other is marketing companies that in the moving industry are called ‘lead aggregators.’ The promise of the latter category is that you will save money.

But consumers actually pay a commission to a third party when using a lead aggregator. The sales pitch is that they will send your information to up to five different moving companies that all will provide you a price for your household relocation. They turn around and charge moving companies that are desperate for work for each lead. So they sell your information, for up to $ 35, to five different moving companies which gets them money that they can then spend on advertising, or put in their pocket.

There is nothing unethical about this practice, but the moving companies that use these services are always the least established names, and sometimes even unlicensed moving companies. If your only concern is to get a rock bottom price, you don’t care if your data is given to companies you don’t know, and you don’t have time to call five separate companies, this is actually a good way to get estimates and see a range of prices for your moving project.

But at Mark the Mover, we don’t buy leads, so the only way to get information on your commercial or household moving costs is to call us direct. Most of the big names in the moving industry are like us, so to get a cost estimate from a big name moving company with a lot of household relocation experience is to call the big name moving company. You don’t have to worry about your information being passed on to a third party either, plus reputable moving companies are accustomed to answering a lot of questions before booking a move. Also, we all understand that it is a competitive industry, and our customers have every right to shop around for the moving company they like best.

If you are just looking for the lowest price, there are some bargains out there. But there are also moving companies that promise a pig in a poke and then use less than friendly means to hike the price on moving day, when it is too late for the consumer to find a more reputable company. Many people go through this ordeal just once in life before they start looking for the big name companies that have a reputation to protect.

Households with an investment in furnishings and household goods often look for a company with a reputation for good service. At Mark the Mover, a substantial amount of our business comes from people that have moved with us before. So if you are looking for the smart choice in moving companies near Duluth Ga, call us today.