Reliable Moving Companies Atlanta

Households looking for reliable moving companies in Atlanta Georgia often search the internet, and find paid advertising systems spewing out lists of moving companies.

The more reliable way to know about moving companies would be to use reviews from Google local and Yelp to assess moving companies.

Assuming that you are looking for a local moving company also would lead the consumer to using Yelp reviews and Google reviews rather than the suggestions that would be at the top of a search for reliable moving companies.

One resource, midway down the page, is pretty interesting. Moving Scam is a website that started out as a blog and was not done as a profit enterprise. It has since been purchased, and they sell and recommend moving companies based on what the companies pay for placement. Nonetheless, they have some good companies and they have some decent advice on their Find a Reputable Moving Company web page.

One bit of sage advice is to ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and real estate agents for recommendations. In a clever bit of prose, they say “step away from your computer.” Even on a blog, I have to admit this is sound advice.

Moving Scam is famous for their “Super List” but the information is old, and may be out of date. However, we will start by picking out some good, locally owned moving companies from the super list.

Thumbs up from

Mark the Mover, Inc. – Atlanta Movers

A.C. White Relocation – Long Distance and Local Moving and Storage

Suddath (United) – Long Distance Moving, good comments but it also appears that Suddath is paying for placement at Moving Scam

Other Local Movers

Next we scour Yelp and Google for local movers, wary of moving companies that might be stuffing the ballot box. These recommendations seem to have credible reviews. We also eliminate moving companies that are unlicensed, or do not have a brick and mortar location, i.e. run out of the back yard.

24/7 Moving – Smaller trucks, great for apartments but maybe not the best choice if you have a big house. They would send more trucks, it might take longer.

Atlanta Peach Movers – Local Moving

B&B Movers, Inc. – Local Moving – near Decatur

Georgia Pack and Load

Long Distance Moving

Atlantic Relocation – Atlas Van Lines