Smart movers decision

Households making the smart decision on moving companies often choose Mark the Mover, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga for their Atlanta Moving Companies choice. Before you schedule a household relocation, consider your stress level if the moving company runs into problems.

Situation 1 – no worries

When we are young and moving out of the dorm, we might have an old chair and some wooden bookshelves. Perhaps we even have a dresser that has seen better days, and some particle board furniture. If the moving company fails to deliver, or severely damages a piece in this collection, chances are that you will survive. If you hire the cheapest unknown moving company, you’re level of risk might be acceptable.

Situation 2 – now we have some furniture

Once you begin collecting some nicer pieces of furniture, you should look for moving companies with a good reputation and good reviews on-line.

Situation 3 – we have some really nice stuff

Call Mark the Mover, Inc. an Atlanta moving company to take care with your furniture. We have spent years building a solid reputation by standing behind our moves and our customers. You are also in a strata where you need to check your homeowners policy. You might be surprised to learn that most insurance companies do not cover transit.

Since the federal government chose to regulate all aspects of freight carriage around the end of the nineteenth century, a rule became established that unless arrangements are made, the freight is valued at $.60 a pound maximum.

If you have really nice stuff, Mark the Mover has the total protection products to supplement your other insurance coverage. Our customers not only get the relocation services they need, they also get all the assurances with Mark the Mover to insure that they made the smart Atlanta movers decision.