Who is Billy Ray Cyrus

Everybody has heard of Miley Cyrus but who is Billy Ray? He is not yet 60 years old, and has been in the music seen as a guitar playing singer for years. His first album was released when he was just 31 years old, and may have been more popular overseas than in the United States.

Known as a country music star, Billy Ray was born in Kentucky, and attended college at Georgetown in Kentucky but never graduated. He quit college at 20 years old to play guitar and start a band.

Cyrus went to LA and tried to get a recording contract. One success he had was to be a warm up act for Reba McEntire. Cyrus finally began his recording career in Nashville, TN.

One of Billy Ray’s first hits was a song he first covered called “Achy Breaky Heart” on an album called “Some Gave All.” Popular in Australia, it was a popular line dancing song, and some say it increased the popularity of line dancing.