Shipping Household Goods

Mark the Mover has a full line of moving and packing supplies. Call your customer representative to arrange a convenient time to pick up all the supplies you will need at discount prices. Also check out our growing online catalog of online packing supplies at the Atlanta Box Company.

Finding the best Moving Companies

Movers and moving companies often also have storage. This is a sign of a well established mover. The less reputable companies don’t want to bother with storage, they will be changing names and locations to run from a stream of better business bureau complaints. The top tier of movers provide packing services. They can handle as much of your relocation as you need. Almost all companies advertise as premium movers, many while at the same time assuring you the lowest price!

Since we all know that we do not get a five star hotel room for the price of a noisy tenement, lets lay down so general guidelines for choosing movers.

• You can find a dozen or more movers in a large city, but look for three or four with a good reputation. Ask friends, ask at work, check with the better business bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Also look at the reviews on sites like, google,, and Angie’s list.

• Call a couple of companies. Look for companies that have a person, not an answering service, or automated ‘press 2 for English’ systems. If a problem arrives, you will want to have a good relationship with a real English speaking representative who will care about your needs.

• Look for companies that are licensed with the local authorities, are affiliates of the BBB online program, and offer at least three levels of protection for your household goods. (Called valuation in the moving industry) Unfortunately, many fraud companies advertise heavily and offer assurances that they are reliable companies. If you cannot find enough personal recommendations, you will have to rely on the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce to steer you to established and trustworthy companies. We are sorry to have to warn consumers of a large number of un-established moving companies with which you should not get involved.

• Hire a company that uses clearly marked company trucks. You don’t need a bunch of men showing up and loading your household into an unmarked or rental van. One thing on this, is that during busy periods the established movers sometimes have to rent trucks to handle the peak volumes. But they should be nicely dressed in company uniforms and using a top of the line rental truck.

• When talking to movers, ask about an estimated cost. Be honest and open about your household goods. Many long distance moving scams involve quoting a price based on weight, and believe me, you will always fall into their excess weight trap. In this game, they base a price on a total weight, and then when they finish loading you, your are told the real weight, which is almost always higher. Then they point to the fine print that allows them a very large increase in the price for the overage.

• Last but not least, one should always consider hiring a local mover. For example, if you have to move from Smyrna to Peachtree City, pick a town or city in between and search the internet for ‘Atlanta Movers’ or Movers and Packers Atlanta, depending on the level of service you desire.

At Mark the Mover, we can also be your Movers and Packers.  Our pack crews and pack vans can arrive the day before your move, and carefully pack your kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and where ever fragile items will need expert packing assistance.

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