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Consumers engaged in a household relocation around Atlanta Georgia often call Mark the Mover where our motto is ‘We specialize in everything’ to find a dependable moving company that does not let it’s customers down. Moving and packing is a big chore and we don’t need the extra hassle of hiring a moving company that can’t show up on time or comes equipped with a truck too small. In Georgia, moving companies are regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission where state regulators worked with all the reputable movers in Georgia to form a common sense set of rules that create an even playing field and offer consumers a fair and competitive set of rules for household moving companies.

A feature of the regulations in the state of Georgia is the widespread use of hourly rates to describe the costs involved in household relocation. However, rates can be used by moving companies without regard to additional factors such as the size of the truck. At Mark the Mover, we use local delivery trucks customized to be moving vans, ranging in size from 22 feet to 30 feet long. This is in contrast with other moving companies that have fleets of smaller trucks. As a matter of fact, in a survey of the three largest Georgia moving companies in Atlanta, they all used the larger class of trucks while less established firms tended to use smaller trucks.

Truck Driving Job

MARK THE MOVER – 404-810-1546 between 9 and 3 on weekdays.

Mark the Mover has built a 32 year reputation with Atlanta movers of excellent service. Local and long distance, Metro Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast, this midtown Atlanta moving companies services include moving, packing, crating and storage. Our professional movers and packers are fully insured and we are Georgia Public Service Commission licensee number 7576. We do commercial moving, residential moving, piano moving, cubicle moving, artwork and antique moving. We also do packing, crating, palletizing, banding, storage services, and sell moving boxes and packing supplies at a fair price. Our secure, private climate controlled warehouse is available for both long and short term storage.Join our team of Highly Training Moving Specialists!!

Mark the Movers has build an unparalleled service delivery system in the Greater Atlanta Area, and we are looking to add qualified candidates.

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

– Good MVR from the past 7 years

– Clean Criminial History


Atlanta Moving Company

Reliable Moving Companies Atlanta

Households looking for reliable moving companies in Atlanta Georgia often search the internet, and find paid advertising systems spewing out lists of moving companies.

The more reliable way to know about moving companies would be to use reviews from Google local and Yelp to assess moving companies.

Assuming that you are looking for a local moving company also would lead the consumer to using Yelp reviews and Google reviews rather than the suggestions that would be at the top of a search for reliable moving companies.

One resource, midway down the page, is pretty interesting. Moving Scam is a website that started out as a blog and was not done as a profit enterprise. It has since been purchased, and they sell and recommend moving companies based on what the companies pay for placement. Nonetheless, they have some good companies and they have some decent advice on their Find a Reputable Moving Company web page.

One bit of sage advice is to ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and real estate agents for recommendations. In a clever bit of prose, they say “step away from your computer.” Even on a blog, I have to admit this is sound advice.

Moving Scam is famous for their “Super List” but the information is old, and may be out of date. However, we will start by picking out some good, locally owned moving companies from the super list.

Thumbs up from

Mark the Mover, Inc. – Atlanta Movers

A.C. White Relocation – Long Distance and Local Moving and Storage

Suddath (United) – Long Distance Moving, good comments but it also appears that Suddath is paying for placement at Moving Scam

Other Local Movers

Next we scour Yelp and Google for local movers, wary of moving companies that might be stuffing the ballot box. These recommendations seem to have credible reviews. We also eliminate moving companies that are unlicensed, or do not have a brick and mortar location, i.e. run out of the back yard.

24/7 Moving – Smaller trucks, great for apartments but maybe not the best choice if you have a big house. They would send more trucks, it might take longer.

Atlanta Peach Movers – Local Moving

B&B Movers, Inc. – Local Moving – near Decatur

Georgia Pack and Load

Long Distance Moving

Atlantic Relocation – Atlas Van Lines

Smart movers decision

Households making the smart decision on moving companies often choose Mark the Mover, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga for their Atlanta Moving Companies choice. Before you schedule a household relocation, consider your stress level if the moving company runs into problems.

Situation 1 – no worries

When we are young and moving out of the dorm, we might have an old chair and some wooden bookshelves. Perhaps we even have a dresser that has seen better days, and some particle board furniture. If the moving company fails to deliver, or severely damages a piece in this collection, chances are that you will survive. If you hire the cheapest unknown moving company, you’re level of risk might be acceptable.

Situation 2 – now we have some furniture

Once you begin collecting some nicer pieces of furniture, you should look for moving companies with a good reputation and good reviews on-line.

Situation 3 – we have some really nice stuff

Call Mark the Mover, Inc. an Atlanta moving company to take care with your furniture. We have spent years building a solid reputation by standing behind our moves and our customers. You are also in a strata where you need to check your homeowners policy. You might be surprised to learn that most insurance companies do not cover transit.

Since the federal government chose to regulate all aspects of freight carriage around the end of the nineteenth century, a rule became established that unless arrangements are made, the freight is valued at $.60 a pound maximum.

If you have really nice stuff, Mark the Mover has the total protection products to supplement your other insurance coverage. Our customers not only get the relocation services they need, they also get all the assurances with Mark the Mover to insure that they made the smart Atlanta movers decision.

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Moving Company Reviews

Atlanta moving companies reviews at, Yelp is well known more as a restaurant review site, they are a San Francisco company that has created an on-line community of reviews and company descriptions that has become more useful than its core purpose of having a restaurant listing and a way to view the menu in many cases. Yelp has had the opportunity to sell out but these people seem to be more interested in working together and their relationships with the web community than to just cash it in like many greed driven people who create a popular web sensation.


Yelp has maintained credibility by being involved in the community building process and discarding patently false reviews. Yahoo local, citysearch and judysbook all attempted to present themselves as credible but they are littered with fake reviews posted by the business owners.


Yelp was offered one half billion dollars in 2009 in a buyout and turned it down. We imagine the brand, even in a struggling 2011 economy, is worth 4-6 times that now. Yelp is fun too, if you hate that big social media site with their identity selling schemes and coupon clogged advertising schemes, Yelp is the place to be!

If you have a password for any of the services below, just click on their link and leave your impression of how good (hopefully not bad) your relocation experience was with Mark the Mover.  Again, I won’t be disappointed if you are busy, and if you can take a minute, believe, one review gets you plenty of Kharma.

Google <- have a google account?

Yelp – for Yelpers

Kudzu <- for you guys that are growing with Kudzu!

Bing <-Bing, MSN, hotmail accounts can review here

Yahoo <- Been around the longest, but a lot of boiler room listings here. Still, if you have a yahoo acct…

The ultimate moving guide

Packing a moving truck is an art form, best explained in this book

From ‘Tiers without Tears’ by John Watts & Steve McPherson – The tier most commonly built is the 18″ tier. It is often called the “standard tier” and once you have built a few of them they become extremely easy. A standard tier would be built with a dresser and a chest of drawers as a “base” (or a long dresser or a dishpack).On top of this base row load a second row of 18″ pieces. This row may consist of more base pieces (chests of drawers, etc.), but ideally these shold be lighter than the first row. If the second row of base has legs, remove the legs and place them in the right hand corner of the top drawer. If the legs will not come off easily, place a folded piece of burlap or a stout piece of cardboard beneath them. A “pad board” can also be used here.

Moving Company Atlanta

Are you redy to relocate your household to or from the Atlanta area or around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell Georgia or Decature and all areas around Atlanta Georgia? One moving company has over three decades of moving company experience and can be the smart Atlanta moving company choice when moving within Atlanta, from Atlanta to every part of Georgia, or from Georgia to Alabama, Florida, North or South Carolina, Alabama or when moving from Atlanta to the greater Southeast. Mark the Mover is an experienced Atlanta moving company owned and operated from Atlanta, Georgia. Mark the Mover is different than other numbers you can call, some of which are a moving broker or moving lead provider. The job of moving brokers and lead providers is to hook you in, where at Mark the Mover we want to make you an Atlanta moving customer for the rest of your life.

Local Atlanta moving services include the following

  • moving company
    our professional movers transport boxes and furniture
  • packing
    our moving crews are also experts at packing up kitchens, bathrooms, laudries, garages, spare bedrooms, dining rooms and dens.
  • finish packing
    did the moving day come to quickly? When our crews arrive, our well stocked trucks contain plenty of packing materials. We will contact you the day before the move, and if your think you need more materials, let us know.

Local moving company pricing is set by guidelines produced by the State of Georgia and most commonly moving companues bill hourly for the actual time and work completed. Long distance moving is often performed by fixed binding and non-binding estiamtes. When moving from Atlanta to another city within Georgia, we offer all the same services as for local Atlanta moves, but more often will do an in-home or carefully coordinated estimate of the volume and weight of household goods. We also offer moving company services for customers moving out of the state of Georgia. Interstate moves in the Southeast and the 48 states are completed as quickly as any professional moving company at Mark the Mover. We never load your household onto vans, delay your move with warehousing, or shuttle goods from semi trucks to warehouses and then to your new home.

That is just to much time and the more items are unloaded and loaded, the more likely the chance of your precious furniture being lost, delayed or damaged. In long distance situations, our customers know that moving is never quicker than with Mark the Mover.

For the best service from a moving company, call Mark the Mover.

Movers Company

Atlanta Movers found on Yelp, and Angie’s List shows positive reviews and is trusted for many years, Mark the Mover is a safe and smart choice of Atlanta Movers for moving companies that do local moving, long distance plus packing and sell packing materials, a relocation specialist that offers excellent customer service without the hype and fales promises. Some industry watchdogs believe up to one third of moving customers get taken in by a moving broker or lead aggregator, or directly by an unscrupulous moving company, that information was found at – by calling Mark the Mover you are dealing with a company that will not make false promises or get caught over a barrel, we offer a fair price. We lose some customers because they thought they were getting a better deal from someone that promised a lower price up front, we won’t play that game, our reputation is our best selling point. Customers around Atlanta help us with almost half our moving projects as either referrals or repeat customers.