Solid food for solid eating

The menu at the Atlanta Olympic Flame on Marietta Blvd near Atlanta Ballet is limited, but many good combinations can be found. A solid meal of meat, starch and fiber at a fast foiod restaurant often consists of a a burger, fries and a drink, with the pickle on the burger getting as green as you are going to get.

The Olympic Flame offers salads including a greek salad for six to eight bucks. These are large salads, and you might want to split them with someone. However, if you have not had enough roughage and choose the greek salad, you can combine that with a hotdog or hamburger for a complete meal, since the bun contains some starch. The greek salad also now comes with some pita bread to add to the overall starch. This gives you not only a high fiber meal, but plenty of long term carbs.

Another fiber option is the onion rings, but the calorie count is much higher per unit weight of food for the onion rings. They are deep fried, but crispy and tasty.

Olympic Flame also serves a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on toast that is a nice square meal. More caloric, but as good as anyone’s, the Olympic Flame Gyro is topped with tzatziki and various greek cheeses (kind of looks like a mix of ricotta and feta) is served on a pita and desirable for those that want a little less leavening in their starch.

For an Atlanta Gyro visit the Olympic Flame Restaurant.