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JLK Trucking is a DOT expedited freight carrier specializing in loads we haul with low profile fifth wheel trailers. Birmingham Hot Shot loads and Alabama Hot Shot loads run from a single package to in excess of 10,000 lbs. Trucking expedited freight to and from Birmingham, also picking up and delivering anywhere in the lower 48, we pick up loads at power plants and manufacturers providing fast delivery in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, the Eastern Seaboard, the Southeastern United States, even as far west as California, New Mexico, Oregon, and the Central South like Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and more including deliveries in the Midwest and the Northeast.

Expedited Freight

JLK Trucking stays in constant contact with the shipper and the destination, we use GPS navigation and carry internet capable cell phones for regular updates on estimated time of arrival, reporting any delays or even when arriving ahead of schedule. Our customers receive the treatment they deserve for loads often consisting of motors required for mills, pumps, power plant equipment, conveyor parts, emergency maintenance equipment, disaster relief goods, expedited product restock shipment and specialized equipment to fill every requirement.

When you use JLK trucking for your emergency freight needs, we will hot shot your load with care and help meet your expedited freight requirements.