montgomery emergency freight

Montgomery Alabama Emergency freight and shipping is available for Montgomery Al shippers from JLK shipping. We are hot shot shipping and DOT carrier that uses dedicated trucks to handle loads up to 12,500 lbs. We are an excellent resource for emergency freight carrying as an alternative to air freight. For example, for a load of 8,000 lbs from Montgomery Alabama to Memphis Tennessee we can dispatch a truck and driver and pick up the load at your dock, bypassing the airport we will drive directly to your customer to the destination in Memphis Tennessee in about eight hours for less than $ 1,500

Compare this to air freight where you can get your shipment to the Montgomery airport MGM and the shipment then may be dispatched at some point to a flight direct to Memphis Tennessee, where it will be sitting at the airport in about eight or ten hours, maybe tomorrow morning. Another option is that the carrier will come pick it up, but they will actually drive it back to Birmingham BHM where there are more flights to Memphis, that is in about two hours your load will be ready to on the next flight available that has room. But since it is 8,000 lbs, this could take a couple hours to find a load to Memphis where they can balance your shipmment with the needs of loading the plane overall.

So after about four hours at best, your shipment will take to the air at BHM and head for Memphis Tennessee, less than an hours flight. Then it will take at least another hour just to be available at the freight terminal in Memphis. So by auing air freight, it is possible that you can get your shipment to Memphis in an hour or two less than the time it takes for JLK trucking to hot shot your load to Memphis. On the other hand, this is a best case scenario for air freight.

So maybe think about using JLK Trucking as your emergency freight carrier for Montgomery Al emergency freight.