Huntsville Air Freight

JLK Trucking has been running air freight to and from the port of Huntsville Alabama airport code HSV for customers wanting air freight picked up and dropped off at the air port for expedited shipping situations. We can also compare the speed at which we can run an expedited shipping load from the Huntsville area direct by truck, in some cases we can pick up your load within hours and deliver it at the customers destination hours later. For example, on a shipment from Memphis Tennessee to Huntsville Alabama we were called on to schedule a pickup at the Huntsville (HSV) Alabama port for local dock delivery. Since we had a truck that had just completed delivery in Paducah, we ran to Memphis and picked up the load and ran it straight to the customers dock in about the same time as it would have been at the Huntsville Airport.

JLK Trucking is a hot shot freight firm, and we will fill in delivery expediting needs where ever we can. If you have a delivery expediting need, JLK trucking uses dedicated trucks and drivers to handle your freight pickup and delivery with the utmost care. Better than Air Freight

Emergency Freight

JLK Trucking specializes in emergency freight up to 12,500 lbs which we will hot shot to 48 states. Dedicated trucks and dedicated drivers to see the load as fast as can be driven delivered by DOT carrier faster in many cases than air freight, check with Huntsville Emergency Freight to compare pricing and delivery on emergency freight shipments.

Birmingham hot shot carrier JLK Trucking is an expedited carrier handling Air Freight loads from Huntsville to Birmingham International Airport

Alabama Emergency Freight

Want an alternative to Air Freight where our drivers pick up the load at your dock in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery Alabama or all over the south eastern United States? JLK trucking also delivers the load directly to the destination saving you and your customer the hassle of dealing with the airport. For more information on loads up to 12,500 pounds visit the JLK trucking web-site at for information on an alternative to Huntsville Air Freight.

Freight and crating Atlanta Ga

Household goods crating, storing and transport is used for oil paintings, chandeliers, marble table tops, antiques and items of value where the moving customers wants to assure safe transport. Insurance regulations on valuable artwork and household goods may often require sufficient precautions are taking prior to shipping of household goods.

Mark the Mover in Atlanta at 1504 Carroll Blvd ships and receives LTL (Less than a truckload) crated items up to 5,000 lbs. Imported furnishings, artwork, machine tools, household goods, trade show items and even drones have all been shipped and received from the docks at Mark the Mover. For crating services, household moving customers can drop off items for crating, or crating prep can be done before arriving at a jobsite for household goods crating prior to freight carriage or household goods storage and relocation.

For household goods crating in Atlanta, contact Mark the Mover.

montgomery emergency freight

Montgomery Alabama Emergency freight and shipping is available for Montgomery Al shippers from JLK shipping. We are hot shot shipping and DOT carrier that uses dedicated trucks to handle loads up to 12,500 lbs. We are an excellent resource for emergency freight carrying as an alternative to air freight. For example, for a load of 8,000 lbs from Montgomery Alabama to Memphis Tennessee we can dispatch a truck and driver and pick up the load at your dock, bypassing the airport we will drive directly to your customer to the destination in Memphis Tennessee in about eight hours for less than $ 1,500

Compare this to air freight where you can get your shipment to the Montgomery airport MGM and the shipment then may be dispatched at some point to a flight direct to Memphis Tennessee, where it will be sitting at the airport in about eight or ten hours, maybe tomorrow morning. Another option is that the carrier will come pick it up, but they will actually drive it back to Birmingham BHM where there are more flights to Memphis, that is in about two hours your load will be ready to on the next flight available that has room. But since it is 8,000 lbs, this could take a couple hours to find a load to Memphis where they can balance your shipmment with the needs of loading the plane overall.

So after about four hours at best, your shipment will take to the air at BHM and head for Memphis Tennessee, less than an hours flight. Then it will take at least another hour just to be available at the freight terminal in Memphis. So by auing air freight, it is possible that you can get your shipment to Memphis in an hour or two less than the time it takes for JLK trucking to hot shot your load to Memphis. On the other hand, this is a best case scenario for air freight.

So maybe think about using JLK Trucking as your emergency freight carrier for Montgomery Al emergency freight.