Hotshot Carrier Defined

Hotshot Carrier
Emergency Freight

A hotshot carrier is a trucking company that specializes in transporting small, time-sensitive loads. Hotshot carriers typically use smaller trucks, such as straight trucks or box trucks, to transport their loads. They often have a network of drivers who are available to pick up and deliver loads on short notice.

Hotshot carriers are often used by businesses that need to move equipment or supplies quickly. They may also be used by individuals who need to move a large piece of furniture or other household item.

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Hotshot carriers typically charge a higher rate than traditional trucking companies. However, they offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Speed: Hotshot carriers can often deliver loads much faster than traditional trucking companies.
  • Convenience: Hotshot carriers can often pick up and deliver loads on short notice.
  • Flexibility: Hotshot carriers can often transport loads that are too small or too large for traditional trucking companies.

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Energy Efficient

The carbon footprint of shipping a 2 ton motor 1000 miles by air is approximately 1,100 pounds of CO2. The carbon footprint of shipping the same motor 1000 miles by ground is approximately 200 pounds of CO2.

Air freight is a very energy-intensive form of transportation. It takes a lot of fuel to get a plane off the ground and keep it in the air. The average commercial jet emits about 4.4 pounds of CO2 per passenger mile. So, if you’re flying a 2-ton motor 1000 miles, you’re emitting about 1,100 pounds of CO2.

Ground transportation is much more fuel-efficient than air freight. The average semi-truck emits about 0.7 pounds of CO2 per ton-mile. So, if you’re shipping a 2-ton motor 1000 miles by ground, you’re emitting about 200 pounds of CO2.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, shipping by ground is the better option. However, if you need to get the motor there quickly, air freight may be your only option.