Huntsville Air Freight

JLK Trucking has been running air freight to and from the port of Huntsville Alabama airport code HSV for customers wanting air freight picked up and dropped off at the air port for expedited shipping situations. We can also compare the speed at which we can run an expedited shipping load from the Huntsville area direct by truck, in some cases we can pick up your load within hours and deliver it at the customers destination hours later. For example, on a shipment from Memphis Tennessee to Huntsville Alabama we were called on to schedule a pickup at the Huntsville (HSV) Alabama port for local dock delivery. Since we had a truck that had just completed delivery in Paducah, we ran to Memphis and picked up the load and ran it straight to the customers dock in about the same time as it would have been at the Huntsville Airport.

JLK Trucking is a hot shot freight firm, and we will fill in delivery expediting needs where ever we can. If you have a delivery expediting need, JLK trucking uses dedicated trucks and drivers to handle your freight pickup and delivery with the utmost care. Better than Air Freight