Atlanta SEO

Small business spend hundreds and thousands of dollars with a web-site designer without ever getting a customer. This is because customers are not finding the business.

Customers already knowing of a business will go to google and enter the name of the business just to find a phone number. These customers will benefit from your web-site, but they are really not a new customer. In a competitive arena like plumbers and electricians, you need to have your website found for that town.

For new customers, you would have been better off creating google and yahoo local listings than spending thousands of dollars designing a web-site. All you need is a small website to tell people your phone number, and if they want to call they will. Many people like to deal with a plumber that is also a neighbor. That is why companies, especially locksmiths and florists, create fake listings.

There is also the pay per click or adwords route, which is sure to help, but not as long term solid as being in the editorial section. Think about it, do you read a magazine for the articles or far the advertisements. Sometimes when I get on an airplane I get bored and read both.

A lot of designers just produce a flashy web-site that will never be found by your neighbors. They do not know the pitfalls of flash or the proprietary recommendations of url ownership. TO start with a business should learn just that and then keep every thing else as un-complicated websites for smaller-scale with local listings simpler websites the web industry has been over-charging when the revisions will be semi-annual updates. Homeowners sometimes think they have been taken to the cleaners by a plumber, well web-designers regularly rip-off stores, plumbers and electricians who build websites are educated but speak gibberish and are trustworthy key to choosing a plumber, electrician or web agency is a recommendation, don’t rush, start small.

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