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Dog Walking

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Spoiling pets is fun. Select with care the dog toy to let him or her pick out a new chew, beware of hazardous materials.

There can be a debate about hiking with a dog on a trail without a leash. Some people are afraid of dogs.

Unleashed dogs are common and so is dog poop, bag your poop and put it in a garbage receptacle.

Huskies are friendly and they talk, long walks together, energy and affection. dog expenses run between $30 and $100 a month, and vet visits can add up. People say dogs can read your horoscope or get the newspaper. Some dogs are trained to calm you down when you are nervous.

Taking photos of dogs is very important. Pets are naturals at saying cheese and pose on command. Dogs, cats, and horses at the zoo all like to say cheese but donkeys say carrots and try to sell insurance to the goats.

There is a world record for most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog, but there is no world record for walking your dog every day and picking up the poop. Nike says just do it. Some dogs don’t like to chase the tennis ball.

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Google Local Listing

Are you the victim of local listing hijackers? Web-Atlanta has straightened out local listings in google, bing and yahoo. Sometimes simple mistakes in html direction, sometimes requiring expert legal strategies, we have remedied hijack situations. Some repairs take only hours, others may require weeks of legal ranking. Some listings cost less than $100 to fix, others, including expert witness fees may cost thousands. But one thing is for sure, every client has seen improvements in local listings reviewed at web-atlanta.

Technology Innovation Center

UAB has broken ground at the corner of 17th St. S and Ninth Ave S on a new center that will house computers, network operations and the campus Security Operations Center.

The building may house a nerve center for public surveillance cameras.

Tesla will be providing solar panels and battery backup units. The building will be a hub for new fiber optic connections to other campus facilities and the internet.

Crating and Storage Atlanta

Huntsvilla Roofing has 18 years of roofing experience applying metal and asphalt shingle roofing to Atlanta Homes. We are an established Atlanta roofing company serving Suwanee homeowners with roofing and renovations including thermal windows and new siding for houses. Huntsvilla Roofing is not one of those quick buck schemes your cousin is doing or an out of state roofing company trying to make a fast dollar but not around in case something comes up down the road. Huntsvilla Roofing has an ample workmanship guarantee and generally recommends shingles with a 25 and 30 year manufacturers warranty.

Many factors can shorten the lifespan of a roofing system, for asphalt shingle roofs the first thing is that the lower quality roofing materials  do not hold up under the Georgia sun and the elements around Atlanta as well as the better designed shingles. Shingles with better durability are made also of better materials and when properly applied are worth every extra penny. This is because the Atlanta weather goes from extreme heat in the summer time to ice storms that coat the roof with freezing rain in the winter time.

Other factors such as hail storms, or trees that toch the roof and rub the ceramic beads off the asphalt shingles in windstorms also do a great deal of potential damage to rooding materials. Homeowners that are careful not to let trees rub against their roofs save themselves major damage in the future. The other hazard of trees of course is when they drop entire branches or even fall onto roofs. Often the roof not only needs repairs, but the underlying decking and even roof rafters require renovation also.

Georgia Homeowners from Norcross, Duluth GA, and Lawrenceville looking for Suwanee Roofers have turned to Huntsvilla Roofing for 18 years for quality roofing at an affordable price and done in a timely and expert manner.

three kinds of networking

Summary of LAN Server

LAN Server is a network operating system based on OS / 2 from IBM.
LAN Server file servers grouped by domains.
LAN Access Server delivers improved data bases.
LAN Server is preferred over other NOS to those customers who have invested heavily in mainframe computers.
Access to resources can be done by their nicknames or aliases.
Banyan VINES Virtual Networking System System (virtual network)

(Vines, formerly an acronym and is now a registered trademark) of Banyan Systems, a network operating system based on a version Modified UNIX. VINES represents the highest standard interredes connectivity and security and transparency of operation. The company offers various accessory products, including e-mail software and network management.

VINES supports a wide range of hardware architectures including the IBM Token Ring, SMC ARCnet, Ethernet Interlan, EtherLink and EtherLink Plus 3Com, Proteon ProNet-10.Requires a dedicated file server. All VINES services, including naming, file, print and mail processes running as UNIX. These services can be started and stopped from the server without disturb other services. Although for some time, industry experts have extolled the capabilities of multiple tasks and UNIX users also indicated that it hinders their acceptance by a large segment of the general public because it lacks a friendly user interface. While the user interface VINES is a menu system and VINES is based on UNIX, the user must exit this network environment before you can use UNIX.

VINES version 6.0 offers support for clients running DOS, Windows, Windows 95, OS / 2, Macintosh and a variety of UNIX clients.VINES 6.0 server can communicate with clients that support the following protocols: VINES / IP, IPX, IP, AppleTalk, and NetBIOS. StreetTalk is the distributed database VINES and acts as a naming service resources. Resources can represent users, services (such as printers, volumes, files or gates), and even lists. With StreetTalk and VINES, a user need not know the path or location of users (or other resources). To further facilitate things, StreetTalk allows creating aliases or nicknames for users.

The various VINES file servers communicate and exchange information StreetTalk, using what is known as bursts out. These communications occur whenever a user joins the network, when the administrator adds or removes information or service group and every 12 hours from the time the last server went online. In version III StreetTalk, Banyan added new management capabilities. Now network administrators can rename users and groups move through the network. This approach is much higher than the previous method of removing users and lists and then re-enter with new names and profiles. Administration Banyan VINES network provides network management software that provides statistics LAN and LAN interface, and detailed information about the servers, disk activity and the overall network performance.

This software, designed as a network diagnostic tool, provides information for network administrators about the size of the file server’s cache, the cache hit rate, the number of times the file system was not available and signs vital overall performance, the number of messages sent and received, the number of messages discarded and the average number of exchanges. In addition, network managers can observe the activities of multiple servers simultaneously. VINES offers different levels of security. A network administrator may require the use of a password to log into the network. You can also specify the hours and days on which a particular user can register on the network. In VINES printers PC linked to the network can be shared as linked directly to the file server. This eliminates the limitation related to the distance between printer and server and makes the location of the printer is much more flexible operation.

The network administrator determines which printers are available to certain users by assigning a virtual connection for each print queue listed in a user profile. VINES gates to other networks VINES The main strength lies in its ability to provide transparent access to network resources regardless of their location or the protocol they use. The routing software TCP / IP Banyan allows a PC user to access the resources TCP / IP, whether they reside on a local network or wide area network without having to worry about these physical details. VINES Option for Macintosh supports an unlimited number of Macintosh clients through a Banyan network. A Macintosh workstation located anywhere VINES network can access resources anywhere residing on the network.The VINES software for Macintosh is compatible with AppleTalk Filing Protocol. Banyan VINES future plans to make VINES can run on additional platforms. The company plans to add support for UNIX and Windows NT clients, improved email capabilities and offer new services VINES system level.

roof roof

Roofing is a smart choice when looking for roofers to protect your family and home investment. Sorry to say, the roofing industry contains companies that grow to quick and out of state companies that come to Georgia to make a quick buck.eight year workmanship guarantee on all roofing jobs.

When it comes to repairing roofs, the experts are storm damage specialists including hail and wind stress to roofs. offers free storm damage inspections and consultations including arranging to meet your homeowners insurance adjuster.

We work with insurance companies and develop free insurance claim estimates. Most insurance companies allow two years to make a claim after a damaging storm strikes, but storm damage can be difficult to detect from the ground. Our experienced roofing professionals get on the roof to check if maintenance is needed, and our experience in working with insurance companies will aid the claims process.

Our services are not limited to storm repair, however. We specialize in all areas of roofing, including new construction and remodeling on residential or commercial buildings.

run by experienced home builders that also offer thermal window replacement and siding replacement in Duluth Ga. No matter what type of project you have in mind, Nalley Roofing will offer you prompt, and professional service.

Routing Tables

A router interprets network traffic and makes a decision, depending on its programming, as to where to send that traffic.

Routers are layer-3 switching devices, they work at layer 3 of the OSI model.

1. Physical
2. Data-Link
3. Network
4. Transport
5. Session
6. Presentation
7. Application

A Router is a layer-3 device, a switch or bridge are layer-2 devices and hubs are layer-1 devices. Hubs, like a network cable, are purely physical, they do no interpretation or deciding, they just echo the network packets. A switch or bridge, on the other hand, works at the data-link layer, in the case of a switch they use the MAC address to intelligently determine which physical wire needs a packet.

A layer 3 device deals with network addresses, or IP addresses instead of MAC addresses. The MAC (Media Access Control) address is part of every NIC and switch in the world. A switch probably has between 4 and 16 MAC addresses. The Router has MAC addresses, generally for every port. The layer two device, the switch for example, connects devices at layer 2, MAC to MAC. The layer 3 device works with network addresses. If a router is using IP, and it gets a packet addressed to (for example), it will try to get the packet to the computer with that IP address.

Routers usually do not connect to a lot of other devices, rather the internet is made up of a lot of routers. When a router receives a packet, it does not actually send it directly to your computer, it sends it to a router closer to your computer. This is called a hop.

Routing tables.

A routing table is programmed into the router. A routing table has two main fields for each entry: An address, and a connection. So if computer A is sending a packet to computer B, at some point a Router is encountered that sends that packet to the US.

A -> R1 -> R2(US) -> B

Atlanta SEO

Companies are learning that marketing to consumers under 50 years of age has changed drastically in the last fifteen years. While the Yellow pagees still work for consumers in the 55+ demographic and older, the vast majority of the younger demographic, that are spending, in their earning years and gainfully employed, are using internet search engines to reach consumers.

Larger companies dedicate in house experts to the management of Facebook and twitter campaigns, as well as managing local listings, the most important ones being google places, bing local business center and yahoo local in that order. But other local listing services, like merchantcircle, Kudzu, yelp, brownbook and hotfrog are also a big help.

A SEO professional can set up a wide array of local listings and examine your web-site for keyword density, choice and scatter. Copywriters creating well written material are a better idea than if you have not put a lot of thought into the articles and business descriptions and services on your web-site. After all the search engines deal with words, and the words on your web-site trigger the computer programs to match up the internet consumers with your company.

For an affordable approach to Atlanta SEO call Web-Atlanta.

google search

Local brick and mortar companies seeking higher search engine placement in the organic segment of results should contact a proven Atlanta SEO company. The means of getting on the first page of search engine results is not all that complicated. Search engines like Bing and Google keep an eye out for new information on Atlanta Brick and Mortar companies. The more your company is mentioned on the internet, the higher you will be ranked.

One problem companies have with ranking on the internet is the lack of an initial push to be recognized as an established Atlanta business. The next problem is that the citation of the company should be done continually and repeatedly over time. There is no instant karmha for results. Visit Web-Atlanta and fill out the contact form to get more information.

Alabama population

Alabama’s largest city is Birmingham with its international airport BHM which is a hub to Southwest Airlines.

Birmingham  250,000
Montgomery  200,000
Mobile  200,000
Huntsville  160,000
Hoover   62,000
Dothan   58,000
Decatur   54,000
Auburn   43,000
Gadsden   39,000
Florence   36,000

Additionally, around Birmingham are the cities of Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Homewood and the Center Point ‘Census Designated Population’ which add more than 100,000 to the general population of the Birmingham city area, which including Hoover above boasts a metropolitan district of 1,200,000 and is called by the census the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area. This is roughly one fourth the population of Alabama, and is just in the top 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Birmingham is a major interstate crossroads with I-20, I-59 and I-65 all passing by as well as I-22 and I-459.

The next largest metropolitan area in Alabama is the Mobile district with approaching 600,000 in population. The Huntsville area on the north end of the state next boasts an area with a population of 350,000, folowed closely with the Montgomery area with 340,000. Columbus, Georgia on the south east border, about 45 minutes from Auburn University boasts a population of 270,000 in Alabama and Georgia. The greater Tuscaloosa area has 170,000 people and the Decatur Alabama population area is around 150,000. At 145,000 next comes the Florence Alabama area, then the Dothan Al area with 140,000and the Auburn region with 120,000. While demographers seperate Gadsden and Anniston, they should be combined to give the Gadsden, Anniston, Taledega area a population of 210,000.

Most important Alabama metropolitan regions by population, those with populations over 200,000;

Greater Birmingham Metro  1,200,000
Greater Mobile Alabama     600,000
Greater Huntsville     350,000
Greater Montgomery     340,000
Greater Columbus Ga     270,000
Greater Gadsden Anniston     210,000

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