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Mark the Mover has a full line of moving and packing supplies. Call your customer representative to arrange a convenient time to pick up all the supplies you will need at discount prices. Also check out our growing online catalog of online packing supplies at the Atlanta Box Company.

Finding the best Moving Companies

Movers and moving companies often also have storage. This is a sign of a well established mover. The less reputable companies don’t want to bother with storage, they will be changing names and locations to run from a stream of better business bureau complaints. The top tier of movers provide packing services. They can handle as much of your relocation as you need. Almost all companies advertise as premium movers, many while at the same time assuring you the lowest price!

Since we all know that we do not get a five star hotel room for the price of a noisy tenement, lets lay down so general guidelines for choosing movers.

• You can find a dozen or more movers in a large city, but look for three or four with a good reputation. Ask friends, ask at work, check with the better business bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Also look at the reviews on sites like, google,, and Angie’s list.

• Call a couple of companies. Look for companies that have a person, not an answering service, or automated ‘press 2 for English’ systems. If a problem arrives, you will want to have a good relationship with a real English speaking representative who will care about your needs.

• Look for companies that are licensed with the local authorities, are affiliates of the BBB online program, and offer at least three levels of protection for your household goods. (Called valuation in the moving industry) Unfortunately, many fraud companies advertise heavily and offer assurances that they are reliable companies. If you cannot find enough personal recommendations, you will have to rely on the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce to steer you to established and trustworthy companies. We are sorry to have to warn consumers of a large number of un-established moving companies with which you should not get involved.

• Hire a company that uses clearly marked company trucks. You don’t need a bunch of men showing up and loading your household into an unmarked or rental van. One thing on this, is that during busy periods the established movers sometimes have to rent trucks to handle the peak volumes. But they should be nicely dressed in company uniforms and using a top of the line rental truck.

• When talking to movers, ask about an estimated cost. Be honest and open about your household goods. Many long distance moving scams involve quoting a price based on weight, and believe me, you will always fall into their excess weight trap. In this game, they base a price on a total weight, and then when they finish loading you, your are told the real weight, which is almost always higher. Then they point to the fine print that allows them a very large increase in the price for the overage.

• Last but not least, one should always consider hiring a local mover. For example, if you have to move from Smyrna to Peachtree City, pick a town or city in between and search the internet for ‘Atlanta Movers’ or Movers and Packers Atlanta, depending on the level of service you desire.

At Mark the Mover, we can also be your Movers and Packers.  Our pack crews and pack vans can arrive the day before your move, and carefully pack your kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and where ever fragile items will need expert packing assistance.

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Emergency Freight

JLK Trucking specializes in emergency freight up to 12,500 lbs which we will hot shot to 48 states. Dedicated trucks and dedicated drivers to see the load as fast as can be driven delivered by DOT carrier faster in many cases than air freight, check with Huntsville Emergency Freight to compare pricing and delivery on emergency freight shipments.

Birmingham hot shot carrier JLK Trucking is an expedited carrier handling Air Freight loads from Huntsville to Birmingham International Airport

Alabama Emergency Freight

Want an alternative to Air Freight where our drivers pick up the load at your dock in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery Alabama or all over the south eastern United States? JLK trucking also delivers the load directly to the destination saving you and your customer the hassle of dealing with the airport. For more information on loads up to 12,500 pounds visit the JLK trucking web-site at for information on an alternative to Huntsville Air Freight.

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Dog Walking

apartment services howell mill

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There can be a debate about hiking with a dog on a trail without a leash. Some people are afraid of dogs.

Unleashed dogs are common and so is dog poop, bag your poop and put it in a garbage receptacle.

Huskies are friendly and they talk, long walks together, energy and affection. dog expenses run between $30 and $100 a month, and vet visits can add up. People say dogs can read your horoscope or get the newspaper. Some dogs are trained to calm you down when you are nervous.

Taking photos of dogs is very important. Pets are naturals at saying cheese and pose on command. Dogs, cats, and horses at the zoo all like to say cheese but donkeys say carrots and try to sell insurance to the goats.

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Atlanta Moving Company

Atlanta Movers Mark the mover offer the best moving service for local and long distance relocation, our professional movers show up on time with well equipped moving trucks and plenty of moving supplies. Call today to reserve your crew at (404) 351 0018. Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover has offered top customer service since 1978.

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover offers professional movers and well equipped modern moving trucks.

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover has excellent ratings for customer service meeting relocation needs on  yelp

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover has crews available for this weekend and next, call early to reserve your team

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover’s professional moving crews show up on time and they look good too

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover has discount moving supplies – call us before you move

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover has a moving and relocation checklist at Mark the Mover Free Atlanta Moving Tips Information on Moving Insurance  Marietta Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation. Roswell Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation. Smyrna Movers swimwaze

Moving Companies near Duluth Ga

Looking for a moving company on the internet leaves the consumer bombarded with advertising at the top and right side of their computer screen, but there is a difference that puts these ads pretty much into two categories. One category is real moving companies, and the other is marketing companies that in the moving industry are called ‘lead aggregators.’ The promise of the latter category is that you will save money.

But consumers actually pay a commission to a third party when using a lead aggregator. The sales pitch is that they will send your information to up to five different moving companies that all will provide you a price for your household relocation. They turn around and charge moving companies that are desperate for work for each lead. So they sell your information, for up to $ 35, to five different moving companies which gets them money that they can then spend on advertising, or put in their pocket.

There is nothing unethical about this practice, but the moving companies that use these services are always the least established names, and sometimes even unlicensed moving companies. If your only concern is to get a rock bottom price, you don’t care if your data is given to companies you don’t know, and you don’t have time to call five separate companies, this is actually a good way to get estimates and see a range of prices for your moving project.

But at Mark the Mover, we don’t buy leads, so the only way to get information on your commercial or household moving costs is to call us direct. Most of the big names in the moving industry are like us, so to get a cost estimate from a big name moving company with a lot of household relocation experience is to call the big name moving company. You don’t have to worry about your information being passed on to a third party either, plus reputable moving companies are accustomed to answering a lot of questions before booking a move. Also, we all understand that it is a competitive industry, and our customers have every right to shop around for the moving company they like best.

If you are just looking for the lowest price, there are some bargains out there. But there are also moving companies that promise a pig in a poke and then use less than friendly means to hike the price on moving day, when it is too late for the consumer to find a more reputable company. Many people go through this ordeal just once in life before they start looking for the big name companies that have a reputation to protect.

Households with an investment in furnishings and household goods often look for a company with a reputation for good service. At Mark the Mover, a substantial amount of our business comes from people that have moved with us before. So if you are looking for the smart choice in moving companies near Duluth Ga, call us today.

Atlanta Movers

If we are facing a household relocation, one of the chores before us is choosing Atlanta moving companies. Residents of Virginia Highland and families moving from anywhere to Vahi, Decatur Ga Moving Company, Morningside, Ormewood Park and Inman Park all face the task of hiring a moving company that matches the needs of relocating your household. First, for the sophisticated googler, we will often search for an Atlanta moving company. We use search terms like Atlanta movers and Atlanta moving companies. When we look closely at the results we also get to see how many reviews different companies have.

A company with very few reviews may just be a small moving company. They may also be a company that does not have many complaints. Lastly they may be a company that does not move people familiar with the internet very much. Small moving companies that primarily advertise in the yellow page or with signs on telephone poles may not move very many people, and they may never move people with a yelp account to screen movers, plumbers, restaurants, etc. While ,I prefer using yelp or kudzu over hiring a mover off a sign on a telephone pole, there is a good thing to do in addition to this to pick a mover.

Ask your friends and neighbors. In Atlanta you will find a lot of people have moved with Mark the Mover in the last 35 years. Probably more people that any other moving company, although we are definitely not the biggest moving company in Atlanta or in Georgia. Also ask co-workers, family and relatives. Names other than Mark the Mover are sure to come up. Once you have the names of some popular movers, rest assured that there is a reason these moving companies have become popular.

Finally, use a moving company that fits your situation. If you have an established household with valuable furnishings, don’t be afraid to hire a moving company that might not be the cheapest. However if you are starting out in life and your furniture is from IKEA and the Bean Bag store, you might not have much to worry about in terms of losses with in-experienced moving crews or a company that won’t settle a claim. Lastly, whether going with a premium company or the guys that look like they came from the hardware store parking lot, looking for a day job, have a plan to move valuables, pets, fish and plants. There are many items that moving companies just cannot legally move or the risk is not wise. Your engagement ring of course will move on your finger, but for a complete moving checklist visit our web-site.

Google Local Listing

Are you the victim of local listing hijackers? Web-Atlanta has straightened out local listings in google, bing and yahoo. Sometimes simple mistakes in html direction, sometimes requiring expert legal strategies, we have remedied hijack situations. Some repairs take only hours, others may require weeks of legal ranking. Some listings cost less than $100 to fix, others, including expert witness fees may cost thousands. But one thing is for sure, every client has seen improvements in local listings reviewed at web-atlanta.

Marietta moving companies, movers near Acworth

Located down Atlanta Highway from Smyrna, Mark the Mover has over three decades experience serving Marietta Movers.

Atlanta Movers

Mark the Mover has been moving households around Atlanta Georgia for 33 years. We will be glad to come up to Duluth Georgia, Suwanee, Sugarloaf, Buford Ga, Braselton, Lilburn, Grayson and even Gainesville Ga to assist you in your household moving chores.

Mark the Mover has a fleet of big moving trucks, courteous and well dressed crews, and modern moving equipment. Our moving professionals can move everything in your house including pianos and such. You can contact Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018 for Duluth Ga movers