Solid food for solid eating

The menu at the Atlanta Olympic Flame on Marietta Blvd near Atlanta Ballet is limited, but many good combinations can be found. A solid meal of meat, starch and fiber at a fast foiod restaurant often consists of a a burger, fries and a drink, with the pickle on the burger getting as green as you are going to get.

The Olympic Flame offers salads including a greek salad for six to eight bucks. These are large salads, and you might want to split them with someone. However, if you have not had enough roughage and choose the greek salad, you can combine that with a hotdog or hamburger for a complete meal, since the bun contains some starch. The greek salad also now comes with some pita bread to add to the overall starch. This gives you not only a high fiber meal, but plenty of long term carbs.

Another fiber option is the onion rings, but the calorie count is much higher per unit weight of food for the onion rings. They are deep fried, but crispy and tasty.

Olympic Flame also serves a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on toast that is a nice square meal. More caloric, but as good as anyone’s, the Olympic Flame Gyro is topped with tzatziki and various greek cheeses (kind of looks like a mix of ricotta and feta) is served on a pita and desirable for those that want a little less leavening in their starch.

For an Atlanta Gyro visit the Olympic Flame Restaurant.

The ultimate moving truck loading guide

Truck loading

Packing a moving truck is an art form, best explained in this book

From ‘Tiers without Tears’ by John Watts & Steve McPherson – The tier most commonly built is the 18″ tier. It is often called the “standard tier” and once you have built a few of them they become extremely easy. A standard tier would be built with a dresser and a chest of drawers as a “base” (or a long dresser or a dishpack.) On top of this base row load a second row of 18″ pieces.

Loading Truck

This row may consist of more base pieces (chests of drawers, etc.), but ideally these should be lighter than the first row. If the second row of base has legs, remove the legs and place them in the right hand corner of the top drawer. If the legs will not come off easily, place a folded piece of burlap or a stout piece of cardboard beneath them. A “pad board” can also be used here.

Local Moving Checklist

Atlanta SEO

Small business spend hundreds and thousands of dollars with a web-site designer without ever getting a customer. This is because customers are not finding the business.

Customers already knowing of a business will go to google and enter the name of the business just to find a phone number. These customers will benefit from your web-site, but they are really not a new customer. In a competitive arena like plumbers and electricians, you need to have your website found for that town.

For new customers, you would have been better off creating google and yahoo local listings than spending thousands of dollars designing a web-site. All you need is a small website to tell people your phone number, and if they want to call they will. Many people like to deal with a plumber that is also a neighbor. That is why companies, especially locksmiths and florists, create fake listings.

There is also the pay per click or adwords route, which is sure to help, but not as long term solid as being in the editorial section. Think about it, do you read a magazine for the articles or far the advertisements. Sometimes when I get on an airplane I get bored and read both.

A lot of designers just produce a flashy web-site that will never be found by your neighbors. They do not know the pitfalls of flash or the proprietary recommendations of url ownership. TO start with a business should learn just that and then keep every thing else as un-complicated websites for smaller-scale with local listings simpler websites the web industry has been over-charging when the revisions will be semi-annual updates. Homeowners sometimes think they have been taken to the cleaners by a plumber, well web-designers regularly rip-off stores, plumbers and electricians who build websites are educated but speak gibberish and are trustworthy key to choosing a plumber, electrician or web agency is a recommendation, don’t rush, start small.

of surprising issues what people expect Lots of bosses you went to school to learn the answer, your job is to tell me the answer -The problem with this attitude is that it misunderstands the nature , and we can very often give pretty good answers to usability-trade is ‘If in doubt, ask the users lots of usability-people will try and take a real damage comes when some hot-shot wannabe usability-consultant and prospective firms should have a satisfied and ranked SEO customer in Atlanta SEO {g397}

Alabama Data and Info

Alabama is a state that is east of Mississsippi and west of Georgia. It is south of Tennessee and north of the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama has cities like Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery. A website for Al Data Info will help you find information on roofing nails, the price of rice and what fish are biting at the Publix supermarket. Quail and razorback pigs run around the state.

Alabama data and information on businesses, products and services in Birmingham, Al. Huntsville Alabama, Montgomery and Anniston. Asheville and Auburn, Alabama information service at Alabama Data Info

Alabama’s largest city is Birmingham with its international airport BHM which is a hub to Southwest Airlines.

Birmingham 250,000
Montgomery 200,000
Mobile 200,000
Huntsville 160,000
Hoover  62,000
Dothan  58,000
Decatur  54,000
Auburn  43,000
Gadsden  39,000
Florence  36,000

Additionally, around Birmingham are the cities of Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Homewood and the Center Point ‘Census Designated Population’ which add more than 100,000 to the general population of the Birmingham city area, which including Hoover above boasts a metropolitan district of 1,200,000 and is called by the census the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area. This is roughly one fourth the population of Alabama, and is just in the top 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Birmingham is a major interstate crossroads with I-20, I-59 and I-65 all passing by as well as I-22 and I-459.

The next largest metropolitan area in Alabama is the Mobile district with approaching 600,000 in population. The Huntsville area on the north end of the state next boasts an area with a population of 350,000, folowed closely with the Montgomery area with 340,000. Columbus, Georgia on the south east border, about 45 minutes from Auburn University boasts a population of 270,000 in Alabama and Georgia. The greater Tuscaloosa area has 170,000 people and the Decatur Alabama population area is around 150,000. At 145,000 next comes the Florence Alabama area, then the Dothan Al area with 140,000and the Auburn region with 120,000. While demographers seperate Gadsden and Anniston, they should be combined to give the Gadsden, Anniston, Taledega area a population of 210,000.

Most important Alabama metropolitan regions by population, those with populations over 200,000;

Greater Birmingham Metro 1,200,000
Greater Mobile Alabama    600,000
Greater Huntsville    350,000
Greater Montgomery    340,000
Greater Columbus Ga    270,000
Greater Gadsden Anniston    210,000

Atlanta Georgia Gyro Onion Rings

montgomery emergency freight

Montgomery Alabama Emergency freight and shipping is available for Montgomery Al shippers from JLK shipping. We are hot shot shipping and DOT carrier that uses dedicated trucks to handle loads up to 12,500 lbs. We are an excellent resource for emergency freight carrying as an alternative to air freight. For example, for a load of 8,000 lbs from Montgomery Alabama to Memphis Tennessee we can dispatch a truck and driver and pick up the load at your dock, bypassing the airport we will drive directly to your customer to the destination in Memphis Tennessee in about eight hours for less than $ 1,500

Compare this to air freight where you can get your shipment to the Montgomery airport MGM and the shipment then may be dispatched at some point to a flight direct to Memphis Tennessee, where it will be sitting at the airport in about eight or ten hours, maybe tomorrow morning. Another option is that the carrier will come pick it up, but they will actually drive it back to Birmingham BHM where there are more flights to Memphis, that is in about two hours your load will be ready to on the next flight available that has room. But since it is 8,000 lbs, this could take a couple hours to find a load to Memphis where they can balance your shipmment with the needs of loading the plane overall.

So after about four hours at best, your shipment will take to the air at BHM and head for Memphis Tennessee, less than an hours flight. Then it will take at least another hour just to be available at the freight terminal in Memphis. So by auing air freight, it is possible that you can get your shipment to Memphis in an hour or two less than the time it takes for JLK trucking to hot shot your load to Memphis. On the other hand, this is a best case scenario for air freight.

So maybe think about using JLK Trucking as your emergency freight carrier for Montgomery Al emergency freight.